Thanks for taking the time to view my work!


I am a North Dakota based photographer who was born and raised in Williston, ND. I was fortunate enough to find my passion at a young age. Photography started out as a hobby for me, and eventually emerged into something that I wanted to create a career from. 



I'm often asked why I chose a career in photography. I love photography because it gives me a chance to document the moments in our lives that we want to remember. I love capturing the details of a newborn baby that is welcomed into the world, watching little ones grow and embrace their personalities, seeing the smiles on a senior’s face, and expressing the joy of the families that I am fortunate enough to spend time with.



These moments in our lives are important, and to be able to look back on them means the most. This career for me is essential, because it's more than just "pressing the button" and taking the picture. For me, this is about telling your story.



My mission is to create the most beautiful and unique images for you and your family. I love what I do, and I want to share with you the most important moments that you will get to experience and view through my images. I will create a comfortable environment and will leave you with memories that are truly unforgettable. 



I can’t wait to meet you!

Photography by McKenna Jo Photos   |   Minot, ND